CSMCOMEX Peças para Ônibus


Inclinometer for Trucks

It monitors front and side tilting to minimize the risk of tipping and damage to the equipment structure.

Blocks the operation and triggers an alert when the maximum programmed angle is exceeded.

Available in two display versions (panel or radio slot) for overhead chassis and / or semi-trailers, cranes, backhoes and aerial baskets.
  • Blocks and warns insecure slope;
  • High box alert - tilting.
  • Lance alert in use - cranes.
  • Basket warning in use - air basket.
  • Accurately reports the angles, helping the operator to position the equipment;
  • It registers the last 8.000 operations that can be visualized by the display or by digital report transferred via USB;
  • Assists maintenance and / or reviews through your hour meter and internal counters;
  • High-brightness display. In sunlight it does not interfere with visualization;

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